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Kunal Srivastava

Technical Analysis Expert

Mr. Kunal Srivastava



A man with a vision, Mr Kunal developed Intelligence7 as a trader’s group which is now helping thousands of traders to trade together. He has built a network of India’s finest, active and awesome traders. “Together we are stronger and results will be amazing” is what he believes in and this thought really became a revolution in the trading world, Intelligence7 traders have their own edge and skills and they have the potential to tackle every move of market smartly. His vision of merging every trader under one roof is really amazing. He is in the Top 4 traders of Bangalore. Source (Sensex ka sultan-Zee business)

He has in Depth Knowledge of Technical Analysis to figures out whether the market is trending or range-bound and accordingly applies the technical indicators to different phases. He indicates approaching trend reversal and find big moves in opposite direction. He use price pattern analysis, indicators, swing trading, Elliot wave analysis, intermarket relationship, cycle analysis, Fibonacci retracements, momentum indicator in conjunction with chart for profitable entry and exits. He can easily recognize bullish and bearish market trend and can act correctly. He trades all the different trade that coexists in the market. According to him “Trading trend is the most successful method of trading”. He steps aside during uncertainties. He has rules for profitable exits.


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