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We are a group of professional traders who have come from all over India to be successful in the career we Love. There are some very special ingredients to our collective success: A team-oriented trading floor, A non-stop flow of new trading ideas and strategies from everyone, programming superstars which all help us kick ass in the markets, and rock-solid discipline. We are passionate towards investment & trading in the stock market and we know how to dive in the ocean full of waves and tides, we work together and so we are the team of India‘s topmost traders and we have registered our presence over national television several times. We are equally passionate about spreading awareness and educating people about the stock market. eas and strategies from everyone, programming superstars which all help us kick ass in the markets, and rock-solid discipline.

Intelligence7 – A group of Professional and renowned Traders and Investors, Started Intelligence7 in the year 2011 under a strong supervision and guidelines of our founder Mr Kunal Srivastava and the co-founder Mr Pulak Priyesh, Today Intelligence7 is a renowned name in the field of Trader’s community & Stock market training institute. More than 10,000 and counting students and followers have one or the other way have an association with the company, when we see the smiling faces and when the reason is Intelligence7, is what we consider as our success. The founders have registered their presence on national televisions and have been rewarded as the best stock market traders and many times as a topmost community analyst.

Our success is all because of the passion, dedication and a team effort.

Our vision is to create awareness about the Stock market, there are a perception of Stock market as a gambling which we are are trying our best to change such perceptions, trading and investment is all about the knowledge, skills, technology, emotion control and discipline, which we want to spread among all, We often read the success story about investors and traders and get inspiration, One day we will change society through our efforts and we will definitely create an awareness and bring the change.

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