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Technical Analysis : Expert Trader


This is a well smart trading course enabling the learning of a strong trading methodology. A vast technical analysis right from the beginning to the expert level, winning strategies and methods to control the emotions. This is an intense 90 days course which also includes a personal mentorship program under the supervision of India’s top most traders and opportunity to sit by the side of experts and learning the in and out of every aspects of trading.


The course gives you powerful insight on profitable trading strategy. Participants will have hands on training on various technical analysis software. The course explore the psychology of successful traders. It plays a very important part within the course, which deals with understanding the self before you risk your saving in financial markets as 90% of success in markets is attributed to trading psychology. This course will make you a hard core professioanl trader.

After this course student will be able to:

  • Obtain comprehensive knowledge about technical analysis.
  • Understand the advance of technical analysis.
  • Examine the strengths and weaknesses of technical analysis.
  • Frame a Trading Plan
  • Control Your Emotions At All Times
  • Stay Disciplined And Think Objectively
  • Recognize your winners and losers
  • Risk and Position Sizing( Risk Management)
  • Recognize the Real Trends and Chart Patterns

Brief Contents

  • Elliot wave principles
  • Motive waves
  • Corrective waves
  • Neo Waves
  • Volume Analysis and Momentum
  • Fibonacci and wave characteristics
  • Wave personality
  • Rules and Guidelines for Elliot wave Analysis
  • Dow Theory
  • Wd Gann Theory
  • Gann Excel Trading

Course Project

3 Months Internship


  • NISM Certification

  • NCFM Certification


  •  35 hours


  • Classroom
  • Online


  • Hindi

  • English



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