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The Conqueror – All India Series of Seminar- Pune May 2, 2019.

The Conqueror All India Series of Stock Market Seminar organised by Intelligence7 witnessed a profound gathering of highly intellectual trading enthusiasts and entrepreneurs on Saturday at Keys Prima Hotel Parc Estique, Pune.


The idea behind the seminar was to acquaint the audience with the world of Trading and Stock Market Investing. The guests engaged on the influx of Trading in the list of potential career options. Notable and leading National Traders including Pushkar Anand, Kunal Srivastava was among those attending the seminar.

Mr. Pushkar Anand conducted a highly informative and educative session on Fundamentals of Investing, Mutual Funds, Principles of Index Investing, SIP and salient Investment Strategies.

Mr. Kunal Srivastava delivered a factual and enlightening lecture on Intraday Strategies, Technical Analysis of Stock & Share Market and Indicators, Chart Reading and increasing dominance of Trading in the Finance Market.

The seminar examined the existing paradigm of Trading and scrutinised its essence in future. The various issues covered in the seminar included Elementary Analysis of Working of an Economy, Psychology of a smart Trader and Impact of LTCG on Stock Market Investments. Post lunch, an interactive session was held with the guests.

The speakers addressed various queries and doubts of the audience and provided them with reliable solutions. In an attempt to enhance the experience, a small survey was conducted at the end where the attendees were requested to provide their feedbacks and suggestions.

Date-2nd May 2019


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