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Understand What Is Stock Market ? Before You Regret.

The stock market, equity market or share market refers to the collection of markets and exchanges where the regular aggregation of buying and selling and issuance of shares of publicly held companies takes place.

which represent ownership claims on businesses. Such financial activities are conducted through institutionalized formal exchanges or over-the-counter (OTC) marketplaces which is operated under the specific set of regulations.

There can be multiple stock trading venues in a country or a region which allow transactions in stocks and other forms of securities listed on a public stock exchange, and the stocks that is only traded privately. While these terms “stock market, capital market, primary market, secondary market and stock exchange – are used equivalently.

Stock exchanges record shares of common equity in addition too other security types, e.g. corporate bonds and convertible bonds. If a person says that he does trading in the stock market then it means that he/she buys and sells equity / shares on the listed companies of stock exchange(s).

Though it is called stock market, equity market, capital market, financial market, primary market or secondary market and is fundamentally known for trading in stocks, equities or other financial securities.

corporate bonds, exchange traded f(ETF) and derivatives based on stocks, commodities, currencies and bonds – are also traded on the stock markets.

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