Intelligence7 is a group of Professional and Renowned Traders and Investors, which was found in the year 2011 by Kunal Shrivastava (Founder and CEO) and Pulak Priyesh (Co-Founder). We at Intelligence7 are passionate towards investment and trading in the stock market, and we know how to dive in the ocean full of waves and tides, we work together. So we are the team of India‘s topmost traders. We have registered our presence over national television several times.

The prime focus of our program is to spread awareness and educate people about the stock market. With a team-oriented trading floor and relentless delayed of new trading ideas and strategies from everyone along with immense discipline and order, our program aims to trade the capital market.

Today Intelligence7 is a renowned name in the field of Trader’s community & Stock market training institute. With more than 5,000 and counting students ranging from school and college students to salaried, self-employed and professionals, we aim to expand our family more.

• We offer Industry requisite courses, which largely benefits students as well as working professionals in choosing, exploring, and propelling their careers in the financial industry.

• We bring experienced financial experts with diverse expertise to provide comprehensive education, training and investment solutions.

• Our expertise lies in the areas of Equity, Futures, Options (Derivatives), Commodities (MCX), Currency and hand holding Practice.

• Our management excels in domain knowledge, capital syndication alternatives with remarkable transaction execution capabilities and have established network with leading private equity funds, banks & financial institutions.

• We offer independent advice on debt & capital raising, mergers & acquisition, financial reconstructing, valuation and due diligence for our clients.

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Our mission and values

"Great minds are always feared by lesser minds"

We at Intelligence7 aspire to excel in educating people about the Stock Market and how to invest in shares and committing to greatness in long-lasting learning and strengthening in the field of Financial Markets by giving quality content to improve and prepare all around. We focus on enhancing the knowledge of one by making it so that it is available to all.

Our vision is to create awareness about the Stock market and make the Financial Market ought to be evenhanded, free and productive with the goal that each speculator gets an opportunity to win reasonable return. This, along with high moral standard and self-administrative norms as critical to showcase proficiency and decency as rules and guidelines are equally important. There is a perception of Stock market as gambling which we are trying our best to change such perceptions, trading and investment are all about the knowledge, skills, technology, emotion control and discipline, which we want to spread among all, We often read the success story about investors and traders and get inspiration, One day we will change society through our efforts and we will definitely create awareness and bring the change.

Mr. Kunal Srivastava Founder & CEO


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