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Technical Analysis – One Step Ahead


This is a well smart trading course enabling the learning of a strong trading methodology. A very small portion of the active market participants & consistently generate returns from the Stock Market. This small portion is actually less than 1%. This course is focused mainly on the learning and understanding of the trading patterns, trading strategies, trading psychology and money making techniques. This is a perfect jumble of theoretical knowledge & practical expertise of the art of trading. This course comes with the added advantage of being a part of a unique community of market experts with whom you will be free to share your views or clear out your doubts.


The course gives you powerful insight into profitable technical patterns and strategies supported by the statistical analysis of the market. Participants will have hands-on training on various technical analysis software. The course explores the psychology of successful trader. It plays a very important part within the course, which deals with understanding the self before you risk your saving in financial markets as 90% of success in markets is attributed to trading psychology.

After this course student will be able to:

  • How to buy and Sell Stock Shares
  • Entry and Exit Points
  • Recognize the Real Trends and Chart Patterns
  • Investment Decisions
  • Frame a Trading Plan
  • Control Your Emotions At All Times
  • Stay Disciplined And Think Objectively
  • Recognize your winners and losers
  • Risk and Position Sizing( Risk Management)


  • Technical Analysis – Pros & Cons
  • Chart Patterns
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Indicators
  • Oscillators
  • Practical use of trading software
  • Set-up Trading strategies- Trend
  • Psychology of successful trader
  • One to one interaction to build a successful attitude towards trading

Course Project

3 Months Internship


  • NISM Certification
  • NCFM Certification


 15 -20 hours


Classroom & Online


  • Hindi

  • English


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